XIAO BLE Sense - Mic as Speaker


in your shop you advertise for XIAO BLE Sense:
The board not only receives audio data but also can speak through the MSM261D3526H1CPM microphone.

How exactly can we achieve using the microphone as a speaker? I can’t find anything about it, neither in your examples, wiki, forum, libraries, nor in general on Google, for a PDM mic like MSM261D3526H1CPM.

I would really appreciate some example code!


The smartass in me wants to say “Switch the polarity on the power”.

Unfortunately, I have nothing else. Sorry.

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This is a microphone, he is not a speaker, it is not able to emit sound. What we are trying to convey with this statement is that you can speak towards him and have it record what you say, not that it makes a sound. I apologize for our expression and we will fix it as soon as possible.