Xiao BLE Sense - Arduino IDE 2.0 & Seeed Studio Xiao Expansion board. Quick trip or Excursion!

I’m using Arduino 2.0 and a Xiao BLE Sense and a Xiao Expansion Board. They all work Very well, The tricky part is the software. I feel the video (filmed Free-hand on a potato, so?) and jpegs demonstrate how important it is for basic functions to work and work correctly, with expected behaviors. Arduino IDE 2.0 bust my nuggets :grimacing: for 8 minutes(4x speed brevity, hang on to something.) or more as seen in the video. The Board manager search is “broken”, NO case sensitivity (really c’mon man) the default is always the Xiao BLE, no matter how many times you select it. YOU MUST choose it each time to get an upload to go and there are two to pick from as well the embeds and the plain (otherwise you get wacky errors) Once I got it figured out then everything worked for my BLE Android app to BLE peripheral code emulating my PC board & solenoid lock functions. Pretty vanilla stuff but the display is nice along with a buzzer (yea Happy birthday works) spoiler alert. The accelerometer is next and the battery voltage is??. I also purchased the Plexi case for it, when the board is charging the battery it flashes the led, cool stuff. Plugged in the esp-prog to the SWD pins and power it shows up as two USB ports in the Device manager. Debug and Upload along with the existing Direct USB to the Xiao itself. Slow it down to see the steps or AMA. The best view is full screen BTW.

GL :-p