XIAO BLE max current

I am working on a project that runs two servos and it seems like even with a slight load, the device simply reboots. I can’t find schematics or specific hardware documentation to help determine the max current the devices allows or why it keeps rebooting under a slight load. I’m using the VUSB pin for 5v power.

Any ideas or does anyone have the schematics for this board?

Probably something to do with the Charging portion and the USB. Would be my guess.
I vaguely recall something about max current on that pin? hmmm or charge current ?
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I found this seeed.


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Normally you do not want anything more than 10mA on a pin. Some pins allow 5mA. The Nordic datasheet will tell you. Also, you need to be aware how much the XIAO board can handle. This depends on the voltage regulator used by XIAO. Normally, it’s about 200mA-300mA max. So what you need is an external circuit: a dedicated servo IC or transistor that is triggered/controlled by the XIAO’s pin.

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Wow, Good info I went the long way around the Block, jeez. You’ll see when I post those
“Here’s my Project info” successfully. Seeed sent the e-mail saying to submit “I tried” save failed is all it would say, but this is off topic. Meanwhile, I needed a fast way to proof of concept without letting out “magic smoke”
I used this combo like a darlington pair and it switches a 3v solenoid like a champ. Battery last about 200 actuations or 12 hrs whichever comes first :grinning:

with an app inventor app it connects and you can activate the solenoid, a.k.a. light the LED.
it worked like I needed and I started with a breadboard :face_vomiting:PSF-B85 :alien:module and some discretes and Transistors then Optocouplers, FET’s…
used a perfboard and WARNING* These pics may offend some purrists.** :grinning:
got it working wifi but we needed BLE , HELLO SEED and Xiao.

pretty vanilla, AMA if I can Help.
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Very good feedback, I greatly appreciate the responses! I’m gonna look at an external board if I stick with the XIAO BLE. I love the smaller footprint but I’ve got the exact same setup running on the much larger RPi Pico and it runs flawless under heavy loads.