XIAO Availability from Amazon.com?


Love the new XIAO board, but was wondering if it will become available from your Amazon store in the near future?



Currently, it’s only available throw seeed website

I can’t find it too…
Now I can’t even find headlamps, is it a bug of amazon?

I think you can find it now on Amazon. Considering that recently I needed to buy a headlamp for hiking and personal purposes, and I even found such a thing on Amazon. Moreover, the prices are meager, and at the beginning, I thought that I would buy some terrible Chinese thing that would not function for such money. How wrong I was. It seems to me that in our time, you can find anything that will work as it should and at the same time not pay a lot of money, as it was before. Thanks to the internet, as they say, haha. Well, good luck to you :slight_smile: