XIAO and PWM 5V DC fan


I wish to connect a XIAO SAMD21 to a Grove Base for XIAO so I can operate a PWM 5V DC fan.
Any recommendation on which I2C Motor Driver should I use and how to connect the fan (e.g., Noctua NF-A9 5V )?
I wish to get the power via the Grove Base for XIAO.

Thanks a lot.


Seeed Studio Grove - I2C Motor Driver V1.3 is compatible with the Grove Base for XIAO and can control motors through I2C.

Can I connect to a Grove-I2C Motor Driver V1.3 a 3-pin PWM 5V DC fan?

Maybe you can see this demo. The motor drivers mentioned in it are equally suitable:

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Thanks but they are not PWM fans

lol… you people are HELPLESS… What Da?