XBee shield with XBee

Hi, XCTU can be used to configure XBee module if it is connected to PC via a XBee adaptor like UartSBee. But with XBee shield, you don’t need any other drivers. You should use Arduino IDE to upload code including all the commands you would like to send to XBee module. Thanks!


I think the real question is :

Can I use XCTU with and xbee on a xbee shield which one is on an arduino connected to my PC trough USB ?

Xbee -> xbeeshield -> arduino -> usb -> PC -> XCTU => will it work ?
Because in my case, it’s been more than one week that I’m trying to make this set to work (with XCTU, with Arduino software through D10 and D11 pins and Softwareserial but nothing works at all… I also tested on a second set of hardware (I have all pieces twice))
So what ? Compatibility problem ?

Thanks for your answer

Hi, “Xbee -> xbeeshield -> arduino -> usb -> PC -> XCTU” cannot work as XCTU won’t send commands to Xbee directly in this way.
The usual way to develop application:
“Xbee ->Xbee carrier with Uart to USB function -> usb -> PC -> XCTU”
or “Xbee -> xbeeshield -> arduino -> usb -> PC -> Arduino IDE”

I made it work with this configuration :

xbee -> xbee shield -> arduino mega -> pc -> xctu with this configuration :

The program in the arduino should have an empty Setup() method and an empty loop() method.
xbee shield must have this configuration :

  • jumper between XB_TX and DIGITAL on the line 1
  • jumper between XB_RX and DIGITAL on the line 0

Run XCTU -> it will detect xbee and you will be able to use it.

Then, when you want to use your xbee with arduino IDE (in my case Arduino mega so I can use one of the 3 other hardware serial) :

  • plug a jumper wire between xbee XB_TX and arduino TX1 (18) and a jumper wire between xbee XB_RX and arduino RX1 (19)

Then, use Serial1 as xbee serial in your arduino IDE code and it will work.
I made it simplier by first try to make an emitter with arduino IDE and test it with my other arduino plugged into XCTU.
Then, I made the code for receiver and tested with the other arduino plugged into XCTU.
Then, I pushed to code to both arduinos and it works standalone !

Hi, so you would like to use Arduino board a USB to serial convert board. In this case, it should work by
“XBee” -> “XBee shield” -> “Arduino UNO” -> “USB cable” -> “XCTU”.
But Hardware Serial (D0&D1) on Arduino UNO should be connected to XBee.
Upload a empty code to Arduino UNO. Set the jumper hats to D0 -> RX and D1 -> TX(not SoftwareSerial) on XBee shield, and then you should see XBee module on XCTU, which is similar to the steps on Arduino mega.

can you do it yourself video tutorial shiled xbeev 2.0 connected with xctu 6.1.0 , please!!! T_T, ;…; :nerd:

thanks for everything