Xbee Shield Compatibility with Uno and MEGA

Hello all!

Recently I have been trying to test/query an Xbee S1 on a Seeesstudio xbee shield v1.11 with X-CTU. No luck. I’ve tried all the Baud rates and installed the latest version of X-CTU. I have also tied it on both the Arduino MEGA 2560 and Arduino Uno.

I have an additional Xbee and a Dongle explorer board which connects fine with X-CTU. So the computer isn’t the issue nor is X-CTU.

My theory is that I may have the toggle switches wrong (currently they are both in the rightward position) OR one of the three pieces of the puzzle (xbee, sheild, Arduino) is incompatible with another.

Can anyone offer any suggestions?



Totally didn’t see on the wiki page:

 To use X-CTU with Seeeduino, please upload following sketch
 void setup()

  void loop()



Will try this soon! :smiley: