Xbee Serie 2 and Xbees Dual Shield

i buy 5 components last week :

-1 Arduino Uno R3
-Xbees Dual Shield http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/bees-shield-p-672.html?cPath=132_134
-2 RF Module Xbee Serie 2
-1 USB Explorer for Xbee (seedstudio).

I install all drivers for all.

I install X-CTU software from digi.com

When i plug each module on USB explorer and make Test/Query in X-CTU, all works good.
Each Module have same config.

But when i try Test/Query each module from Xbees Dual Shield, nothing works.

I place the Xbee RF Module on Xbee1 slot, switch to Amega, and run a Test/Query.

here is a 2 screenshot of my result :

X-CTU ask me to Reset Xbee Shield for connect but when i press reset on Xbee shield, nothing happen .

After cancel, there is what’s appear :

Unable to communicate with modem.

note then my pin is set like this :

Anyone have a clue what is not work here for this example?

Thanks to share if you know something

Your french nooby :nerd:

Hi :smiley:
You can’t directly configure your Xbee via Xbee1 slot of Bee Shield , it is connect to software serial port which jumper pin you set. But it will be enabled if you used Xbee2 slot when switch to USB . For more details and the connections, suggest you refer to the schematic.


i set the baud rate of my bluetooth bee via usb explorer like this :


i close my sscom32E.exe and re open at 9600 but i get this :


if i try again at 38400 i get :


no possibility for me to put a blank space like usualy…

no more +BTSTATE:X :frowning:

How i can restore the baud rate to 38400? ('Iam thinking first its be compatible 9600?).

i see in wiki : Command to change baud rate is persistent even after reset. Hence remember the baud rate for next use.

i reset ((manually’’ and UNO +xbee shield reset too but nothing.

How restore 38400 to BT Bee when is messed like this?


thank you for your article,My problem has been resolved.