XBee S2 + Wireless Sensor Node- Kit Solar + Sensor

Hello, :blush: :cry:
Im trying to configure a network with 1 coordinador (XBee S2 + XBee-Carrier) + 2 END DEVICES(Kit + xBee S2 + sensor SEN11301P).

Im trying to use the code(SEN11301P) to get the data in the PC, but didn’t work. can you help me ? need some IDE for the XBee-cArrier? i dont know if the coordinator is ok with the XBee S2(XB24-XB) and the XBee-carrier, i need something else?

the other problem is when i’m try to change the function set of the END DEVICE, when i put the “END DEVICE” funcion, the connection with the modem is lost, i don’t know why, Im using it like ROUTER AT.

I guess im doing something wrong…xD

Sorry for my english, im from Chile.

In spanish.

Estoy tratando de configurar 1 coordinador para recepcionar los datos de los sensores pero no se si con la Xbee S2 y el Xbee-carrier es suficiente. para poder interpretar los datos de los nodos remotos.

el otro problema es cuando cambio la funcionalidad de los nodos remotos, ya que no los puedo dejar en END DEVICE, por que se pierde la conexion con el modem…

no se que estoy haciendo mal…

sorry i am not very clear about “im trying to use the code to get the data in the PC”, the sen1130P is a sensor, which needs to work with a microcontroller. i suggest you use the seeed rfbee and xbee carrier and the snesor SEN11301P. the RFbee has a controller on it , with which you do not needs an arduino or seeeduino any more.