XBEE RTC interaction on Stalker

I have a stalker v. 2.3 (12/29/2011) and an trying to have it sleep and be awakened by the RTC. I have been able to do that using the RTC library but as soon as I close the RTC - INT jumper the XBEE no longer functions at all. Is there something else I need to do make sure the XBEE still works after closing the RTC Jumper? My next step is to close the POWER_BEE Jumper so that the processor can control the power usage of the XBEE but I have not done that yet. Anybody have any ideas?

This shouldn’t be a problem. I just received my 2.3, closed INT and can put the CPU to sleep and send XBee messages when it wakes up. I’m not sure about the 2.3, but the previous Stalker’s couldn’t control the XBee’s power (the digital pin outputs are not strong enough). The book “Arduino Projects to Save the World” describes an excellent mod to put the XBee to sleep on a Stalker. Works great and cuts power consumption by 90%.

This is all very new to me and this article really opened my eyes.Thanks for sharing with us your wisdom.
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I’m having similar problems with 2.3 as well. I have a 2.2 and followed the instructions in the book “Arduino Projects to Save the World” and it worked great putting the Xbee to sleep, which dramatically reduced power consumption. Unfortunately, when the Stalker wakes up, the Xbee won’t send any messages. Probably another supply voltage issue.