Xbee not recognized

Hi, maybe this post is repeated, but i can’t connect to x-ctu my xbee modules with uartsbee. I have 2 xbee modules, the first time that connected x-ctu recognized the modules but another day the again connect and no detect.

I searched much in the web, about this problem somebody said that is firmware fail; I follow the steps for restart the modules, when the window for restart appears for push reset button never the program continue.

My xbee and uartsbee modules are new, 2 weeks that are in my hands. Xbee are seeedstudio.com/depot/xbee%C … th=139_142

Maybe I can’t and they can help me, please.

Thank you and regards.

Thank you for no repost, hahaha. Now I solved my problem, maybe the UartSBee have problem with the xbee modules; I connected with arduino and don’t have problems, totaly recognized. Maybe this can help you ->