XBee Carrier, RESET and XBeeWIFI (S6)

Recently received several XBee carrier boards as part of the “Wireless Sensor Node - Solar Kit.”

I have been unable to get a XBee WIFI to work properly. I cannot connect to it via the USB cable. The XBee has been set up and operation verified with a Digi board. The radio is not damaged. All serial setting are correct.

All of the carrier boards I have act the same way.

I was checking voltages on the pin of the radio and once it started working. I could use the serial connection and was able to connect via WIFI. Unfortunately I don’t know exactly what I did and have been unable to repeat.

I started looking at the layout of the board and verifying that everything is connected properly. I believe I found one error. I discovered that the reset pin of the radio is not connected to the reset button. It is connected to the D4 pin. The schematic reports the same thing. Is this a mistake? I can’t come up with any reason for it to be.

I believe everything else is connected properly but it would be nice to see a layout diagram one that shows all the layers of the board. Did I miss it?

One last thing, when the radio is plugged into the carrier board, and the power switch is on and the usb cable is plugged in to the computer and the board, there is an audible noise coming from the carrier board. The noise is not always there when just the battery is plugged in. Curious.

Any help or ideas are welcome.

Thanks for your time.

I discovered that pin 9 on the radio was set to control when it sleeps. I disabled that function and everything started working. I need to study up on DTR signal from the XBee and the FT232RL devices.

Still not sure why the reset button goes to the D4 pin instead or the reset pin.

The noise is still there. I think it has something to do with a voltage regulator.

Not sure what is going on. I have not been able to get a xBee WIFI to work reliably with the xBee carrier. Unfortunately the information in the previous post doesn’t always work.

Hi jcarroll,

could you give us a short description how you got it working? Would be great to get some information.