XAIO ESP32-C3 SPI Not working as expected


I have setup a simple script to communicate with an AS5048 sensor over SPI on my XAIO SAMD development board.

This works fine and readings are coming in without any issues when connected and powered via USB-C.

For now i would like to add some BLE communication and bought a XAIO ESP32-C3, which has the same pinout. I replaced the SAMD with the ESP32 in exactly the same pinout.

When starting this dev board with the same script, the only thing that will come out are strange non consistent errors. It looks like SPI is not working the same way or maybe not at all on my ESP32.

Does anybody have the same issues with this board and know how to solve it?

Best Regards

I don’t have an AS5048A so I can’t confirm this, but I imagine from the numbers in the datasheet.
The maximum SPI clock frequency is 10 MHz for the AS5048A, 12 MHz for the XIAO_SAMD21, and 40 MHz for the XIAO_ESP32C3.
What Hz did you specify in your sketch?
What happens if you set a frequency below 10 MHz?

Also, in my environment, some libraries that worked with the SAMD21 have compile errors with the ESP32C3.