Xadow vs. Xadow?

Dear all,
I just got my rephone kit and am getting it up and running. There is a nosim problem, but that’s a topic for another post.

I also ordered (not directly from seeedstudio) some xadow modules. As it turns out the cables for these xadow modules do not fit at all into the xadow “plug” on the rephone kit. Obviously, there are different types of Xadow kits around. Is there an adapter between the two?


Hi Wolfgang,

I am thinking that the Xadow modules you’ve ordered might be the last version of Xadow (Xadow v1), the RePhone core module (Xadow GSM+BLE), refered as the Xadow v2, can be used with any other Xadow v2 modules, please check ourRePhone wiki for more info about Xadow v2 modules.

Chao Zhang

Dear Chao Zhang,
Thanks for the reply. Can Xadow 1 and 2 be made interoperable?

Not much out there on the webs to answer this question. See: viewtopic.php?f=43&t=6484#p23952


Thanks a lot.

Actually, people should be aware that in addition to the reasons you cite for providing a migration path, resellers are still selling their Xadow1 boards. As the naming is pretty bad or is getting transmitted badly (from what I read I was not expecting the XADOW to be version 2, but rather the sensor to be version 2!), there will also be other customers than just me still buying Xadow1 boards for some while with a view of using them with the Rephone kit.

So a migration path would keep people like me happier than I am right now.