Xadow Nain Board driver failure

I just got a Xadow Main Board and want to use it with windows 7(enterprise,64b). I have already the Seeduino Lite so boards.txt and USBCore.cpp are in place. Unfortunately, the board is not recognized and the driver is not installed from the driver subdirectory. This is no surprise as the hardware id does not match the ids in the .inf file.
Does anyone have a correct driver for this board? I am more than annoyed as it is the same as with the Seeeduino Lite where the board did not work until a driver update was available.
There is a way to force the driver to load but that leads to a bluescreen for windows and it is quite a nasty effort to remove the faulty driver from the system

Any help is appreciated

I’m regret to know that you can’t use the Seeeduino lite well. Please burn the boot loader of leonardo to seeeduino lite if you can do it, if not, please drop a line to us: techsupport@seeedstudio.com , and you can return the board back, we will deliver a completed right board to you. Thanks for your comprehension.

Best Regards