Xadow - m0 + Xadow BLE


I´m from Brazil, and i have bought the xadow-m0 ( seeedstudio.com/depot/Xadow- … Path=19_21) to make a prototype that will comunicate with a arduino board. I try to find a example of source that have the communication with the Xadow m0 and thr Xadow BLE, but i can´t find. I found a source with the xadow main board, that was not compatible with the Xadow m0.

In the mbed site, i can´t find the libaries of the Bluetooth and thr xadow m0.

I Just need a simple guide, or example how to create a communication with the Xadow m0 and the Xadow BLE.

Can someone help?

Thank you,


The Xadow BLE uses UART interface, so follow the pinout of the Xadow M0 to connect them, then use Serial to communicate.