Xadow M0 Arm Serial COM with windows

Dear SeedStudio (and other users).

I have tried to use your Xadow M0 ARM board for some Serial Communication with Tera Term Terminal, on my windows 8 64 bit machine. I have followed the tutorial on ARM’s website:

developer . mbed . org / handbook / Windows-serial-configuration

But the USB driver Installer returns the following message:

“No mbed Micro controllers were found”

I have tried uploading the blink tutorial and that works. The USB shows up as a recognized driver. I have even tried manually installing the drivers found in the Installer, but still it does not show up in Tera Term (but still able to upload code to the board). I have tried with and Arduino Due using the same cable, and it had no problems connecting to Tera Term and sending data. I have tried on my win 7 machine as well as my win8 32 bit tablet. Same error.

Please advice what to do.

Sincerely Kristoffer.

Dear Kristoffer,

Sorry for making you confused. https://developer.mbed.org/handbook/USBSerial should be used with the Xadow M0 to provide a USB virtual serial.