Xadow LED module - several questions

The LED board is very nice and looks really nice when mounted in the frame, however based on currently available information, it seems quite limited, hence the questions:-

  1. Every time a char or string message is sent, the display shows “05” in a small font and rotated 90 degrees for a short time, before displaying the message sent. How to disable this from occurring?

  2. I am preparing to do a big public release of a Xadow based product and wish to use the LED module to show off some live graphic data. However it currently seems limited to displaying a single fixed font and some fixed graphic characters. Is there anyway to control individual LED pixels or create and use custom graphic characters??

  3. Please open source the code for the Atemga168 LED controller - so we can customise the LED display - and save writing our own from scratch!
    Yes I am aware that this will require an ISP programmer and use of a very small SMD ISP pads on the LED module.

  4. How to display smaller characters like the power on test “05”? I have tried the setDispOrientation() function from the example code, but could not see any change in display, and definitely not like the small “05” characters.