Xadow frame module design files and additional designs


I am prototyping a Xadow based product and getting ready for a big public release of it very soon.

The Xadow frame is extremely nice and has great look and especially feels great when you touch it :slight_smile:

However, I need to mount external parts and wiring and also try alternate mounting methods, which will require hacking the current frame by drilling and cutting etc. It would be fantastic if I could keep the original parts, and use my own 3D printed parts for the prototyping and drilled and cutting.

So could you please:-

  1. Release opensource 3D design files for the frame ( I can’t find these on the wiki).
    If you cannot release the entire design, then can you please release the designs of the nylon/plastic parts for the base and sides and front cover?

  2. Please, please release the designs files for all those additional cases shown on the wiki, as we intend to print some different cases!
    If they are not “production ready”, then just make a note about that and also note any incomplete features or poor fit etc.

Did you ever hear anything from Seeeddstudio about this issue? Do you have any 3D files you could shar eif you have created them?

In process.

sketch design on Xadow will release first, and files also.

It takes time to build a site for Xadow, it’s xadow.cc/, if it’s uploaded, I will leave another message here.

Thx for your support.

Hi at everybody.

I have bought a Dragrove directly from seeedstudio.
I wanted to connect but it doesn´t works.