Xadow BLE Slave: Datasheet for ISSC module

Today I received the BLE Slave. It is working good for transmitting and receiving bytes so far with an android smartphone.
But for developing my project, I need a reference to the datasheet of the bluetooth chip from ISSC, which is used in this BLE Slave.
I’ve already searched on the wiki and manufactor page, but haven’t found anything.
Thanks in advantage !

Hi, due to NDA with ISSC, datasheet could not be open.
Issues will be collected to update the firmware next version.

Consider to open more to developers, we are working on a totally NO NDA, No restrict BLE module for you.

Hi there, can you put your ino code there? Because I’m trying to get my Xadow BLE work for a week now but I can’t find how to get it discovered from my devices :frowning: