xadow and serial


One quick question: does the xadow main board have the possibility to connect a serial device (like esp8266 for example)?


Through the serial communication, it should be possible, but at the moment there is no special adapter plate, so you need to break out, if you have a strong demand, we will seriously consider the development of a dedicated adapter board ~ :smiley:

@pizzic, you can make this demand in “wish” ~

Thanks for the answer. I’ll add a wish, thanks!

In the meantime, I can try to do a breakout. One question: can I do it even if I connect an additional module?
For example: if I have a main board, a storage module, can I break out the serial connection from the storage module and connect a serial device?


You can try it used Xadow - Breakout seeedstudio.com/depot/Xadow- … 44_46,This module is have breakout serial port,you can do it easily.