X86J4125800 Odyssey GOPIO Output sourcing issue

Hello, we have two Odyssey units that act the same regarding the GPIO.

We have a mix of inputs and outputs configured and some of the outputs don’t seem to be able to source any reasonable amount of current including those connected to header pins 19, 20, and 35. I have about a 10K load on them and only get about 1.6V instead of the expected 3.3V. Unloaded I get 3.3V. Other pins including 3,11,13,15, 23, 29, 31 and 33 all provide over 3V with the same 10K load.

Is it possible there is a configuration issue we are missing?

Thank you

@johnsej1_FA X86’s GPIO unlike industrial CPU which have powerful G{IO drive. they only have normaly output and input.

In this forum, it was stated that the 40 pin GPIOs can source or sink 3 mA

I am only trying to get 0.3mA.

My guess is that the outputs I am having issues with are in sink mode with a 10K pull-up since I am getting half the 3.3V with a 10K load.