X86J4125 fan always on despite low CPU temperatures or fan disabled in BIOS

I’ve bought an eMMC J4125 version of the Odyssey and after booting it, the fan was always on and was very noisy. The CPU temperatures given by Open Hardware Monitor were at modest 30-45C range. I even switched off the fan in BIOS by setting “Disable fan state” and there is no change in fan behavior.

The BIOS Health monitor shows only fan RPM speed but no temperature.

What am I missing? Is the board defective or is there a setting I’m missing? The BIOS version is SD-BS-CJ41G-300-101-G from April, 17 2021.

Hi, please update the latest BIOS and EC firmware.

I updated BIOS to the latest SD-BS-CJ41G-300-101-H version and EC to SD-EC-CJ41G-M-101-Q and no change in fan behavior. It stays always on. Still no temperature reading in BIOS Health monitor and disabling fan state in BIOS does not help, either.

Can you take a picture of the BIOS screen? You can check the fan behavior in windows.

Picture attached.

You can check the fan behavior in windows.

How? BTW, I plan to use the device under Linux after solving the fan problem.

Hi, pls disconnect all the power and battery then plug again.

Disconnected the power and CMOS battery for half an hour or so. Apart from BIOS values resetting to the standard values, no change. Fan always on. No change after disabling fan control.

Hello @X86Tinkerer

Can I know whether you bought this directly from Seeed Bazaar or a reseller? Your unit needs to be replaced.

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Hello @lakshan,

I’ve bought it from Amazon.de. I guess I should be contacting them regarding return/exchange.

Unfortunately, there is a low stock of all electronics nowadays and I worry I may not get the replacement or I will be waiting a very long time for the replacement.

Hello @X86Tinkerer,

Unfortunately, you will have to contact them for the return/exchange.

I got the replacement and the fan works as expected. Thank you for helping me diagnose that it was a hardware problem.

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