X86J4125 Bios settings lost


We have 5 Odyssey X86J4125 devices, in the BIOS settings I changed the “Restore on AC Power Loss” setting to “Power On”. All devices have the battery connected to the RTC connector.

On 3 of the 5 devices we noticed that the BIOS settings get lost sometime which is very annoying because the device won’t switch on automatically when the power is restored. I say “sometime” because it doesn’t happen all the time i.e. after every power down.

Do more people experience this behavior?
What can be the cause of this, a flaw in the hardware design? Bad batteries? Bad battery connectors?

BIOS version: SD-BS-CJ41G-300-101-G…
Build date and time: 04/17/2021 14:49:27

@mathijs You can update the latest firmware (BIOS and EC) then have a try.

I did an upgrade of the BIOS to version H and an update of the EC to version Q.
It seems to work for 2 of the devices but one device is still showing the issue, so I am not sure if it helped as the issue is not easily reproducible.

And I lost the date (to 01/01/2009) on one of the other devices as well :pensive:
The restore on powerloss setting was not affected :thinking:

I’ve measured the battery voltage on the board, it’s 3.177V, so I don’t think it is battery related.


Be aware and warned that the following issue exists

If you use the device with BIOS settings that differ from the default settings you may loose them every once in a while. If your device is not connected to the internet and an NTP server, you will loose the correct date/time.

It occurs on both Windows and Linux, so the issue is OS independent.