X86J4105800 won't enumerate second WiFi card if LTE is plugged in

There seems to be some sort of race condition on enumerating the LTE modem plugged into the B key slot and the Intel 9260 plugged into the M key slot (on an adapter). When we boot with both LTE and WiFi plugged in, either the LTE comes up and works fine but the WiFi doesn’t show up with lspci, or the WiFi comes up and works fine but the LTE modem isn’t reachable.

We’ve found that if we turn on hotplug in the bios, boot with the LTE unplugged, then plug it in once the computer boots up, bot LTE and WiFi work perfectly. This seems to be a hardware issue. Is this a known problem? Can it be fixed?


I dont think that’s a common issues. which LTE module do you use ? maybe I can find one, and test it. @scaasiffej

@Baozhu Sorry for such a late reply. Switching the M key pci option in the bios from “auto” to “gen 1.0” fixed the problem. It’s not clear whether this is a problem with the board or the Sierra Wireless EM7565 modem we’re using.