Wrong PCB shipped

I’ve received the wrong PCB in my order.

If anybody is missing a set of boards with the number 764194 silkscreened on it - I’ve got them…

Photo for Reference. (https://imgur.com/mjtmccO)

Hello mfreymond,

Thank you for reaching out, and sincere apologies for the mix-up. It seems the factory have either sent you the wrong boards or swapped the Gerber files with someone else’s. Unfortunately, the whole factory has already gone off for the holidays so we have to wait until they get back to find out what happened and who’s boards you have. Also, even if your boards were swapped at the last minute I am afraid it will be very difficult to track and they could be anywhere in the world. I suggest we re-manufacture the rightful boards for you again. But again, this will have to wait until the factory is back online.

I hope that is alright and thank you for your understanding,

Does it work well?

In my case they shipped me PCBs without any components. NOTHING ASSEMBLED on it. And now they dont want to make new pcb and assmble them but want to refund me. But i have spend so much time, my project is already delayed, i dont want refund, i want my assembled PCBs. They dont fix their internal problems but ask customer to suffer.

Hi Fahad,

Thank you for your feedback. I’ve been following the case on the sidelines and I believe the issue and misunderstanding has largely been resolved. Just to clarify, since our system is not designed to accept customer provided components, we need to follow a precise set of steps and cooperate closely on both sides to process the order successfully. As the submitted BOM file did not contain the supplied components, the largely automated system only processed the other components and instructed the team to only solder these parts onto the boards.

Either way, I trust you are in capable hands to get the completed boards to you. I kindly ask that you continue working with us for a smooth resolution.

Thank you so much!