wrong order

Did anyone ever get a wrong order?
I just receive my first order, and insted of a Serial port bluetooth module that was in the order I received a SD card shield and a RGB Shield. The cost is almost the same (I paid 19,50 and I receive the part that are worth 19,40) but the problem here is that I don’t need them, and the ONE I need I don’t have.
The interresting thing now is that the Serial port bluetooth module is show as “Sold Out”.

I live in Brazil, how can I return those items?

I’ve been lucky with both my orders here. Each of them had dozens of items and were completely accurate.

But sometimes a "bad’ delivery is a good thing. Once for I received an expensive Weller soldering station instead of the $3 transformer that I ordered - but that was like 20 years ago and it has never happened again - but I’m still waiting :slight_smile: