Wrong Bootloader for Wio-Terminal

Hi there,

Got my Wio-Terminal a few days ago and had a lot of fun playing around with it.
I accidentally flashed a wrong bootloader-update(uf2) in an attempt to make games from arcade.makecode.com work. The device still works and provides a mass storage device when going into bootloader-mode but doesn’t do when not. (which the wio-terminal bootloader did even without being in bootloader-mode)

Is there any way or binary around to flash it back?
At INFO_UF2.TXT (ARCD-D51) it identifies as follows:

UF2 Bootloader v3.2.2 SFHWRO
Model: Feather Arcade D51
Board-ID: SAMD51J19A-Feather-Arcade-D51

I’m using Ubuntu x86_64 and didn’t yet manage to compile successfully from https://github.com/Seeed-Studio/uf2-samdx1 .

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

(EDIT: Problem solved, got it to compile editing out “sp” from /lib/cmsis/CMSIS/Include/core_cmFunc.h line 456)