Writing to xiao smd21 onboard flash memory?

Hello everyone,

My son has recently gotten into model rocketry and we’ve built and programed several Arduino based altimeters to record flight data from both BMP280 Barometric pressure sensors and GY-521 (MPU-6050) 3 axis gyroscope. All of our previous sketches have been run on the Arduino pro-mini and the data logged to a microSD card reader. However, with the much larger flash memory on the SMD21, it got me thinking that I could make a much smaller payload package by eliminating the microSD card reader. This iteration would also eliminate the GY-521 and just record altitude data.

Can anyone give advice/tip on how to write the data from the BMP280 directly to the flash memory on the SMD21. I haven’t found much documentation on the subject. I know that writing to the onboard can reduce it’s lifespan, but give the inexpensive nature of the board, that’s not really an issue.

Thanks in advance.

Have you tried this library?