Write protection on beagleboard


I would like to know how to write protect eeprom cpu rom and videocore rom on BeagleBone black and green edition.

From what I have understood the BeagleBone black is the same as BeagleBone Green + HDMI cape.

CPU ROM is already write protected by the default (ground connnected, aka WP pin low)

But on BeagleBone Green HDMI cape, I red that WP pin must be pulled high

so with pullup resistor connected to sys 5V, am I right?
(I still have to check the size of the resistor, but 10k resistor would be fine according to you?)

I`m talking about an eeprom chip that is on Green HDMI cape board (CAT24C256WI)

I saw from the picture that on BeagleBone black the HD framer is integrated on the main board, so is there any other eeprom on the board to protect?

Ill be quite honest I looked at the schematics but I didnt had enough time to understand.

Is it like on the raspberry board where cpu and and GPU (video core processor) is on the same chip?

If some good expert guy could help me I would really appreciate it.

I`m trying to deploy this boards

Thank you very much

yes anyway after some research I found that GPU and CPU are integrated on the same chip (Texas Instruments)