Write info in nfc tag with Arduino & NFC Shield


I try to write some info in a NFC Tag (NTAG203). I just buy an Arduino Leonardo and a NFC Shield v2.0. I’m a beginner in arduino, so I just ask for some help to do my program which can write some informations in the NFC tag.

thank you in advance


There are two libraries for Arduino to use the NFC shield. These libraries supports to read/write Mifare Classic Tags and to read Mifare Ultralight tags.
PN532 - https://github.com/Seeed-Studio/PN532
NDEF - https://github.com/don/NDEF

NTAG203 seems to be a NFC forum type 2 tag. It is not supported yet : (

Ok great, thank you

There is a lack of libraries to be able to write NDEF formatted tags ?