Working with Seed BLE Shield and Adafruit Feather BLE

So long story short - I need to pair two devices: Arduino UNO with Seeed BLE Shield and Adafruit Feather 32u4 Bluefruit LE.

Now, Seeed shield is configured, and is able to connect and communicate via UART to android phone by HM BLE Terminal app from Google Play Store. I can also connect phone and Feather. These two independent connections works really well. Problem occures, when I’m connecting Seeed shield with Feather. Connection isn’t troubling, but then I can’t send/recieve any data via serial monitor (I’m using bleuart_cmdmode or bleuart_datamode from Adafruit examples).

So basically it’s question about how to make them work: HM-11 module with BLE at Adafruit board (nRF51822 chipset from Nordic).

Hope someone will have any slightest idea what to do.