work DSO201-deception

Wanted to know, dear developers of this machine, you may have to view them in addition to the signal generator signal up to 5 to 20 kHz in the scheme or in the power supply? why he misses such negative half leash and draws on the top point of the peaks (in the end is visible leash loop signal) and signal and close unlike oreginal on it and it neuznaesh damped sinusoid or any other. (after all, as one may suspect that there are more half-wave, we observe only the beam that is simply bridge the tops vibration signal. Test was taken and the signal frequency is relatively small.The device itself neimeet values ​​who assembled ratings neotstupayut from oreginala, firmware and used my own and last Benf 3.64. Operation of the unit is very well organized that the device hits its something that he hochitsya rather than the original signal. I am very disappointed in the selection of the model, and working with them don `t know that he was just deceiving me in the testimony.and the other places such as compare the performance of this model with the device like a class from any other manufacturer.(Not a generator-it it beautifully displays the signal, and on any switch-mode power supply for example.)
(Sorry for my English, I translate translator Google )