WM1302 - Use basics station to connect using AS923

I am trying to setup a gateway based on WM1302 using basics station and RPi 4. My gateway connects to the LNS (TTN or AWS). But when I try to connect a LoRa node through the gateway (LoRa E5 Dev Kit), then it fails to join using OTAA. On the cloud I see the join request and also successful join accept being sent to the gateway. However, the gateway drops the packet saying received dnmsg before router_config. But gateway has already successfully received router_config and connected to the LNS as indicated on LNS.

A few questions:

1.) Anyone else experience similar issue?

2.) Anyone successful in using WM1302 as gateway for AS923 along with LoRa nodes? Can you share some guidance on how you set it up?

I’ve been trying for more than a month and not making any progress.