WM1302 & Pi Header

I’m looking to create a gateway on the The Things Network and have seen the above items advertised

The Things Network only really like you adding full 8 channel gateways, I can’t find any information on how many channels this unit supports?

The advert states EU868 Helium. As I understand it Helium is an alternative to The Things Network? Is there any reason that this item wouldn’t work with The Things Network, can they be network locked?

Thanks in advance


Well the Semtech specifications for SX1302 that is Lora chipset used on that board specifies 8 channels :wink: SX1302 LoRa Core Digital Baseband Chip | Semtech
It’s not Helium locked so you should be able to use with whatever Lora network you wish !

Thanks for that, no idea why there is nothing about the wm1302 and how many channels it support.

I’ll take a punt, the adapter board is a sensecap v1.1, which apparently comes from a Sensecap indoor gateway which uses a Pi4, so I’m hoping this should sit on a Pi 3 without too much issue, stick an external aerial on it and Bob’s you Aunties live in lover.