Wiznet ethernet shield v1.1 + Arduino Duemilanove

Good day.

I have:
Wiznet Ethernet shield v1.1
Seeeduino V2.21 (Atmega 168P)
Arduino Duemilanove (Atmega 168P)

My problem:
When I connect Ethernet shield to Seeeduino - it works fine, but when I connect that shield to Arduino - I get Windows tray popup message - “usb device not recognized”. Testing on Windows XP, Windows 7 (both 32bit and 64bit). Neeed help.

Did you meet the same problem when the shield was not plugged on the Arduino?

No, Arduino works fine without that shield. But i haven’t other shields for testing Arduino with other shield :frowning:

Try to connect external power to Arduino. My Wiznet shield works only with external power connected.