Wiring 6 pin SD Micro to CANBED FD

I need help connecting an SPI micro sd card to a CANBED FD card. Where do I connect the CS pin to? Also the CANBED SPI pins show an RST pin in the SPI pins, but no CS pin. What does the RST pin do?


Check the embedded development board you are using, find the pins that support the spi protocol and connect them according to the rules, and use the relevant driver or write it yourself.

CS (Chip Select) is the way chooses which peripheral to converse with, so there must be a separate one-to-one connection from some output pin on your board to the CS pin on each peripheral.

The other SPI signals you will need at least one of are MOSI (Master Out Slave In) and MISO (Master In Slave Out). They are the channels for the actual data being passed.

There are 6 pins for SPI: SI, SO, SCK, 5V, GND and RST. I have connected to all of them except RST. How do I figure out where to connect CS? The CANBUS CS is 17, but there is no pin 17 on the board.


Hi, John

On the CANBED FD the “SPI pinout” you have mentioned, it is accurately ICSP pinout, similarly on the Arduino UNO ICSP pinout which is meanly used for programming the MCU purpose, that’s why it shows RST, it can be also used as SPI, but you need to find anther pin to repurpose it to CS pin.

You can checkout this guide for reference:

And the CANBED FD schematic for reference:

Thanks for your help!

For anyone else trying to do this, the solution was using the D4 pin for chip select (CS). Working beautifully now.