Wireless on BB Green Wireless

I am having trouble getting this set-up the way I want it. I initially connected to the strongest access point but after a reboot or two this SSID doesn’t show-up on the Wireless Login page so I am forced to use a weaker access point. All the other computers in the room see this AP so I don’t understand why the BB is not showing the SSID on my list. It seems to have something cache’d that won’t show that particular.

The SSID shows up on a iwlist from the beaglebone command line.

Also the USB network is listed as active in ifconfig but is dead if I try to connect (via browser/port 80).

Is there anyway to hard code the wireless connection and/or configure this without the flakey scripts? I am used to the Pi networking which is not flexible but its at least reliable.


I probably have you completely wrong here but you just want to connect to WiFi, right? Use connmanctl:


first you type the cmd, connmanctl.

Then, you type, depending on your image, set up and kernel, services.

Then, type in the terminal agent on.

Then, type connect wifi_boo_far_managed_psk. You could copy it and then paste it if that is easier. Then, the passphrase will be asked and you have to enter your passphrase.


P.S. If it gets more complicated and you are still having trouble, please reply.

Hello Again,

If all else fails, you may be out of range.


P.S. Get close to the router to test the connmanctl cmd.