Wireles Sensr Node + 2 Nodes = How To ?


as I am really interested with this Wireles Sensor Node to read both situation in my garden (Temperature and Humidity + soil Moisture) I need to know how could I use those both grove sensors on this Wireles Sensor Node ?

And if it is still not possible when will you create the same Wireles Sensor Node allowing to use at least two sensors ?
I am sure that it is more interesting to be able to get two sensors that only one.

Sincerely thanks to take this request in consideration and have a nice day,

Mig :slight_smile:

yes, you can connect both of sensors to the node.
you can connect the moisture sensor to J8 , this is a analog port, and connect the temprature&humidy sensor to J9 , this is a digital port , it will works fine.