[WIP - DEMO] of a DIY portable system based on Odessey

Hi All,

I wanted to share with you a quick demo of a project I’ve built using the Odessey board.
This has now become my portable rig for learning RF with SDR.

A few specs:
Dual 4.3in touch screen displays
Running two OS’s at the same time (Linux/Raspbian and Windows 10 Pro)
GPIO ports used by a multi-constelation GPS receiver and LED array.

And a quick video:

Would welcome some posts with your builds for inspiration :wink:. Thanks

How are you running Raspbian? Emulation?

Thanks for your interest, there is no emulation, it’s running directly from a rpi 4 board embedded into this device. In that way I have the processing power of both boards and don’t have to worry about resources.

:muscle: :muscle: :muscle: