WioTerminal's documentation for WiFi setup is confusing

SPI.h is required for Include.
Also, there are 6 libraries required, but only 4 are listed in the documentation.

The atWiFi library is still there, but I don’t think anyone who’s seen this document can set it up.

I think it is better to review it.

Hi @mongonta555,

If you check the documentation carefully, you only need 5 libraries:

All these libraries are for the new eRPC Structure Firmware on the RTL8720.

However, we have still kept the necessary libraries for the AT-Command Structure on the wiki pages because that was our initial firmware release before eRPC, and there might be some users who are still working on the old AT-Command Structure. We have carefully noted about this in the wiki.

Please follow the wiki carefully to set up Wi-Fi on the Wio Terminal, and we have also prepared video tutorials.

Kindly follow the 2 videos below and also more videos in this playlist to dive into IoT with Wio Terminal!

Hope it helps.

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I worked, so I’m good.

Maybe it’s just the VSCode+PIO environment, but I also needed the FreeRTOS library. The rest is #include <SPI.h>.

If possible, I would like a list of all libraries related to WioTerminal (with easy to copy-paste URLs).

Great to know!

You don’t need FreeRTOS library if you use the latest ArduinoCore-samd which is v1.8.1, because FreeRTOS is already inlcuded with it as you can see from here, under libraries:

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This is the link I was looking for regarding WioTerminal.
No matter how many times I searched, I couldn’t get any hits.
Please make a link to “Get Started”.

My pleasure.

I will add this link to the getting started wiki. Thank you for pointing it out.

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