WioLite W600 board frozen

I don’t know how my board got into this state, but upon power up using the USB-C slot, the blue user led glows steadily, and no serial port is allocated. Thus the IDE cannot detect the board. The board has worked correctly prior to getting stuck in this state. Did I press a combination of buttons that led to this state? Using a MacBook Pro running Mojave and 1.8.9 Arduino IDE.

Any possible ideas on resetting this board from tech support? Or should I consider it bricked?

Here are a few more data points I’ve discovered:

The board is booting up into the last sketch I uploaded to it (the ap-sta example). I can connect to it as an access point and see the internet.

The board appears on my network with the node name “uart-wifi”.

The reset button has no effect, either short or long presses, although the blue reset led does turn on during each press.

If I press the configure button, the blue user led starts flashing, and the board stops functioning. Only by powering off and on can I get it to work again.

Can’t connect to the board on any port (ssh, telnet, http).

By manually grounding the RST pin I got the board’s serial port working again. Case closed.