WIO Tracker no USB (bricked?)

I was testing a WIO tracker using simple examples and it worked. Later while uploading a sketch the USB port disappeared. No reaction after unplug and replug (no log in dmesg), also on different computers.
Environment: OpenSuSE Leap, Arduino 1.8.12

The same happened with a Seeeduine Cortex-M0+.

Dear @rbehm
When you connect your WIO tracker or seeeduine Cortex-M0 +, first check whether you have successfully installed the driver, then replace the data line test, which may be the problem of the data line.

Linux does not need a driver. The USB port is automatically recognized.
It even worked before it failed. Nothing else connected, So no ESD or similar to be expected.
It worked, I tested some sketches but then it failed while downloading some modifications.
When I connected it first the port ttyACM0 was created. After the failure there is no indication that the OS sees anything at the port. No message in dmesg about a connected USB device.
The USB port on the PC is working and usable with other equipment. Testing with another PC shows the same problem.

Try changing your USB cable,…

Already done of course. And the cable works with other devices.Since this happened during download of a compiled sketch, is it possible that this function kills the boot loader including the USB config. I am suspecting this because both failed units (WIO tracker and Seeeduino Cortex-M0+) are based on the same CPU. Maybe there is a problem with the cooperation between the IDE and the plugins for this CPU type.