Wio Tracker 2G bricked?

Hi there,

I have a brand new Wio 2G tracker. I tried to flash a sketch on it but had the wrong board type selected by accident.

Now it just has the orange “rx” led flashing repeatedly, and I can’t upload anything to it.

Even when I press reset twice it goes back to the rx LED flashing…

How can I restore this unit?


By the way, this is the output when I try to flash a sketch.

This same environment works fine with another Wio Tracker I have

Sketch uses 10072 bytes (3%) of program storage space. Maximum is 262144 bytes.

Atmel SMART device 0x10010005 found

Device : ATSAMD21G18A

Chip ID : 10010005

Version : v2.0 [Arduino:XYZ] Apr 18 2017 09:45:16

Address : 8192

Pages : 3968

Page Size : 64 bytes

Total Size : 248KB

Planes : 1

Lock Regions : 16

Locked : none

Security : false

Boot Flash : true

BOD : true

BOR : true




Erase flash

done in 5.005 seconds

Write 10332 bytes to flash (162 pages)

[=========== ] 39% (64/162 pages)

SAM-BA operation failed

An error occurred while uploading the sketch

Hi there,

Please try to press the reset button quickly and you will see RX led(near MCU) blinking quickly. it will enter into download mode. Then check the device manager. If you see the COM port, it shall work for the programming.

Please do make sure follow http://wiki.seeedstudio.com/Seeed_Arduino_Boards/ to install seeeduino lorawan. when you download the code, please select the lorawan and correct port. thanks.