WIO Terminal Workbench 1

Sensirion recommends 7 days of continuous readings with at least 1 hour a day of ‘fresh air’ for self-calibration to complete, here you go, … fresh air :sweat_smile:

this lib has a handy ’ manual temperature compensation ’ example

testing my sensor on the TTN network and CAYENNE


@BoRRoZ Are you using our latest RPC firmware?

not yet… have to test with a graphical MQTT wifi client for the same sensor data :wink:

trying to build a airquality lorawan node with the SEEED XIAO / RFM95

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XIAO is talking OTAA with TTN

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I hope someone will produce a breakout board for the LoRa-E5 STM32WLE5JC Module

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how low can we go - first test, I removed the green power led and used this library gives <7 uA power consumption in deepsleep (@3v3)

LoRaWAN environment node

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I see the new WIO Terminal battery is here … :moneybag:

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SCD 30 vs SGP 30 CO2 and CO2eq sensors

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Nice project! What are the references of the screen? Thank you!


it’s a "2.42. SSD1306 128 x 64 @3v3
unfortunately, it seems that they are no longer produced, I have send some emails to find out exactly :thinking:

bought some a few years ago, also in blue

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yesterday I received another CO2 sensor, MH-Z19B
The idea is to meassure CO2 levels (school/offices) and trigger alert when they need fresh air.

finally, I want to build network LoRaWAN CO2 sensors and a handheld tool like in this project

Thank you for the details. OLED 128x64 are pretty common today, alas with small sizes, ca. 0.96 or 1.27 diagonal.

SeeedStudio, maybe an idea for a new product!

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