WIO Terminal Workbench 1

Changed the power unit to LiFePO4 6000 mA followed by a DC/DC step up 3.2v to 5 v and a charger module So I can charge the device with my phone adapter.
The PMS5003 needs 5v but data lines are 3v3 so no need for level shifter when connecting to the WIO terminal.

because I have only one , I made The WIO terminal ‘clickable’ on the project box :wink:

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one step closer - SERCOM UART on grove port working :sweat_smile:

WIO connected to pms 5003 reading particle sensor data

next step : CO / CO2 / TEMP and HUM sensors , a nice screen and alarm settings menu (maybe data storage on SD card / LoRaWAN connection ?)

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playing with I2C
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idea : interfacing thermal receipt printer to WIO terminal
(needs external power source and bi directional level shifter)

new out of the box selftest … firmware from 2013 :upside_down_face:

RPI adapters have a little higher voltage output (5.3 V) then regular phone charge adapters and that’s good for this thermal printer.

under construction :yum:

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Si7021 temp/hum sensor

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easy way to connect some diy electronics to your WIO terminal with
this cheap Proto HAT Shield Extension Board for Raspberry Pi 3

I added myself a 40 p double row 90 degrees


is it possible to decode audio with this little I2S PCM5102 DAC Decoder ? :thinking:

not yet :sunglasses:

but imagine :rofl:

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Nice :star_struck::ok_hand:, This looks cool :sparkles:

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thermal printer interface… almost done


library used

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wired or wireless (BT) :thinking:

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idea : handheld AirQuality analyser / data logger
waiting for the SCD30 sensor

handheld enclosure
sensor Sensirion


This article describes four routines designed to make it easy to write games in C that use sprites on the Seeed Studio Wio Terminal. They allow you to plot erasable sprites, check sprites for collision, and move sprites on the screen while avoiding flicker.


getting BMP image on the terminal

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WIO as a wireless LoRaWAN datamonitor

haven’t been active with LoRaWAN for a long time, lucky I saved a sensor and some gateways, put a fresh battery in it and it started working on the TTN network again :sweat_smile:

rssensor alive

I Put it outside to check and the temp is dropping So the sensor works. Now I want that data on the WIO terminal (for fun and learning)
Because we are on COVID lockdown in the Netherlands lots of free time now :upside_down_face: to try this.

LoRaWAN temp/hum sensor


I have an MQTT broker running on my home network and I am preparing some nodes to measure airquality (indoor and outdoor) and display data on the WIO terminal when switched on.

wifi mqtt-broker (mosquitto) on RPI

some old LoRaWAN project nodes that I will use

replacing bootloader


Seems so good! Feel free to share with us more :smiley:

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