Wio terminal wont turn on

I have slid the power button from OFF to the first ON position and nothing happens. I have slid the power button from OFF twice quickly to the end position and nothing happens. It was working hours earlier. What am I missing? Help is greatly appreciated.


Does the Wio Terminal have an indicator light on? Does the computer recognize the serial port?

The green light on the back is lit. NO port is listed in Device Manager for the Wio Terminal. It used Port 26 one day ago but no port is listed for it now.


Have you opened Device Manager to see if it appears in “Other Devices”?

No, it does appear in Other Devices. Now, it appears in Ports and shows Port 26. Still even though Arduino Ide shows Upload Successful the Wio Terminal is still black.

I’m in the same boat. My terminal screen went blank 10 days ago, lights on, cant recognize it in my device manager. While power on I dont see any data credits being transferred on the network.


Need help
My WIO terminal no longer lights up or responds to the on-off reset switch and the PC longer finds the WIO terminal. Is there a procedure for factory reset or firmware update. It appears many people have these same issues. Is there a fix for this or is another piece of junk?

Sorry guys, it’s not a good experience for you. If it never works properly after restoring the factory firmware, you can contact the technical support email and let them help you with wio terminal replacement or other ways.