WIO Terminal Won't Connect in VS Code

Hi There

Just got the WIO Terminal and Set it up in Arduino and uploaded the blink example fine.

However, I’m trying to setup ardupy and (already having python and vs code installed) installed the ardupy extension.

The setup says to click the plug icon but when I do nothing happens. And clicking the micropython terminal button results in “There is no device connection currently”. I’ve rebooted and tried to force bootloader mode. No luck.

I can see in device manager it’s registering as USB serial on COM5 when on normally and COM 6 when in bootloader. In bootloader there is also an error symbol on WIO Terminal in “Other Devices”.

Hoping to get an idea of whats going wrong here.

:slight_smile: I’ll answer my own question since I figured it out; maybe this will help others

The problem was I’m using pipenv virtual environments in python. I installed ardupy in an environment thinking that would work. The extension seems to ignore the currently active environment and only cares that ardupy-aip is pipped in the default python install.

So… my bad.

Great, Thanks for sharing the solution :slightly_smiling_face: :ok_hand: