WIO Terminal WIFI Issues


Let me start by saying I am completely new to this, I just got a wio terminal in the mail and was going through the getting started guide. I think I flashed the thing successfully for the RPC WiFi, but the Wifi scanning module or any of the test sketches fail to produce any output on the serial.

Ive added the relevant libraries via zip into arduino.

All other tests including button tests work fine, so I am scratching my head a bit here. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Hi @Kebb,

Please delete any existing WiFi and Bluetooth related libraries at first and watch the following video:

After that watch the below video about the libraries update. We have made some changes to the libraries after the first video of the Wio Terminal Classroom with IoT has been released.

Basically you now only need the following libraries for both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth:

Note: Make sure the mbedtls library is in dev branch

Also the latest RTL firmware now is v2.1.1

Hope it helps!

Best Regards,

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Thank you, following the videos more closely I was able to find the step I overlooked when following the written instructions.

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