WIO Terminal: USBC to I2C

Would like to use WIO Terminal to control a device I have via I2C. For now I would like to use the command line on my PC to send data via the USBC port of the WIO Terminal and have it translate this into I2C commands (Read/Write) to would be connected to external hardware using a Grove I2C board. Similar to using a device such as I2C Driver with link below to connect to a device via I2C.

Any suggestions on where to start? (Sample code(s) that can be used as a starting point)


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Hi @fmart,

Have you looked into the Grove - I2C Hubs.

You can connect them to the I2C Port of the Wio Terminal and connect Grove - I2C modules:

Can I know the I2C hardware you are planning to connect to Wio Terminal? Any sample code would depend on the hardware you are going to use.

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Hi Lakshantha, I have an evaluation board for the following device (TAS5825M)


I understand how to interface with it via the GROVE I2C items you provided and I also understand how the I2C code that would run in the WIO Terminal. The guidance I am looking for is more along the lines of the USB data that I would need to send to the WIO Terminal so that it could translate the USB commands into I2C commands to control devices that are attached to the I2C Grove ports. For Example I could type something on the computers command line and it would send a message to the WIO Terminal via the USBC connection, the WIO Terminal would take that message and convert it to control the device on the I2C port.

Hi @fmart,

Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment on the Wio Terminal. This could be possible using firmata. However, we only have firmata support for ODYSSEY - X86J4105 at the moment.

Firmata is supported by Arduino Zero, thats’s why it can work with ODYSSEY - X86J4105 as well. ODYSSEY - X86J4105 has the SAMD21 coprocessor just like the Arduino Zero.

We might bring Wio Terminal support in the future.

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